I graduated from the Harrow Ceramics Course in 1995 and have taught sculpture and ceramics since then, alongside the production of my own work. My workshop is based in West Berkshire, and I teach in Hampshire.

I have a strong commitment to throwing, and my current range of work includes domestic ware such as mugs, jugs and bowls, decorated in coloured slips with a contemporary design approach. I also produce garden pots based on traditional forms, as well as more sculptural work, in delicate high-fired porcelain mixed with glass and gold or platinum lustre.

A more recent development for me has been to explore throwing methods employed by some Asian potters. This results in more individual pieces using grogged and high fired clays including porcelain.

I have also collaborated in exhibitions of complimentary work with other local artists and craftsmen, including Jim Crockatt, Sarah Johns, Vicky Baker and Mike Norcross.